Das Kabarett is my longest running cabaret act — 15 years in 2009! A smorgasbord of gems from the 1920s–60s, it features my signature arrangements of German cabaret songs, French chansons and American standards by artists like Gershwin, Porter, Weill, Brel, Piaf, the Boswell Sisters, Ellington and Coward.

This repertoire was created in 1994 in Austin, TX with singer/pianist Larry Greenawalt. A live recording was made in 1999. Since leaving Texas, I have continued performing the show with new collaborators on the keys.

Sadly, Larry passed away suddenly on December 21, 2008. He was an imaginative and joyful spirit and as my first cabaret partner, taught me so much about my craft and the pure bliss of making music. Henceforth, I will donate a portion of sales of the Das Kabarett album to the Greenawalt Memorial Fund established at the Michigan Theater Foundation. See Recordings.


LISTEN — Everybody Loves My Baby (Palmer/Williams)

LISTEN — Padam (Contet/Glanzberg)